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Leveraging Physiological Data for Long-Term Substance Use Disorder Recovery

Machine learning has transformed various industries, and its application in the field of recovery is no exception. Behaivior, a pioneering digital wellness company that uses behavioral health technology, AI, and wearables, has revolutionized the recovery landscape with its groundbreaking product, Recovery™. Recovery™ takes a unique approach, offering real-time support and intervention to individuals on their personal recovery journeys by leveraging physiological data. While Recovery™ is used for both mental health and addiction, this article will focus on substance use disorders.

As the National Institute of Health defines, “Substance use disorder (SUD) is a treatable mental disorder that affects a person’s brain and behavior, leading to their inability to control their use of substances.” One challenge to sustaining long-term recovery is the occurrence of a “craving.” Craving, defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, is “a state of desire to use substances…experienced as a physical or emotional need.” Research has found that cravings are deeply rooted in physiological processes involving neural pathways, hormone imbalances, and neurotransmitter interactions. By analyzing physiological data from a smartwatch, such as heart rate, skin conductance, and sleep patterns, Recovery™ gains valuable insights into an individual's biological responses, enabling a comprehensive understanding of their triggers and cravings, resulting in the ability to predict increased risk of cravings up to four hours in advance.

Behaivior's Recovery™ platform employs advanced machine learning to process and interpret the vast amounts of physiological data it collects from wearable devices. This cutting-edge technology enables the platform to identify the individual’s unique physiological and behavioral patterns, trends, and correlations, providing personalized support tailored to their needs. Recovery™ does not solely compare an individual’s physiological state to group norms or national averages. Rather, it establishes a baseline unique to each person.

The insights delivered by Recovery™ play a crucial role in enhancing recovery outcomes. By recognizing and alerting individuals to early warning signs of increased risk of cravings, use and/or return to use, Recovery™ can intervene promptly, offering targeted coping strategies and support. This real-time assistance significantly empowers individuals to be proactive in their recovery journey.

Behaivior prioritizes user privacy and data security. All physiological data collected by Recovery™ is anonymized and stored securely, complying with the highest industry standards and regulations, ensuring that individuals can confidently engage with the platform, knowing their personal information is protected.


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