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Recovery by Behaivior is a portable toolbox that supports people in mental health and addiction recovery, their care providers, and their support network. We provide the right support at the right time, in real-time. Recovery includes connection to support networks and care providers for risk management, remote monitoring capability for care providers, a real-time alerting system for urgent assistance, and mental health and addiction self-management at home or on the go. A wearable recovery system that supports you, your client, or your loved one 24/7, in your day-to-day and in your time of need. 

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How Does It Work?

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The Recovery platform empowers individuals by providing real-time access to their unique biodata.

Who Can Benefit?

People Pursuing or in Recovery

A toolbox on your wrist; providing 24/7 support and positive, proactive addiction, mental health, and general wellness self-management tools. Get and stay connected to your care providers and loved ones in your time of need. Enjoy your recovery process with rewards for staying on track, positive reinforcement, and gamification. Recovery™ can help provide motivation for behavior change on your terms.

Care Providers

Your user friendly tool to optimize managed care and better support your clients. Improve risk management, receive customized urgent alerts, health status and monitoring, and improved continuum of care. AI-enabled pre-return to use predictions to help avert use and overdose, and dashboard metrics to help you provide the highest quality, value-based care with seamless integration support.

Support Networks

Your convenient tool to better support your loved one. Stay connected throughout their recovery journey. Be aware when help is needed, help to motivate positive behavior change, and participate in rewards when your loved one is successful with their goals.

Want to implement Recovery™ at your organization?

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