Behaivior is a Pittsburgh-based startup that is creating a technology to predict and prevent addiction relapses using advanced wearable devices (similar to a Fitbit) and pattern-detection machine learning algorithms. Our initial use case is opioid addiction. We want to help people maintain sobriety by bringing them the right intervention, at the right time, in real-time.

We have created software that can take real-time data streams from wearable devices that detect heart rate, heart rate variability, motion, and more. This data is combined with other digital information about behavior, such as GPS location. As behavior and physiology change, our software screens users for whether or not they are in a pre-relapse craving state, and therefore at higher risk of relapsing in the near future. When people in recovery from substance use disorder are in a craving state, the propensity for relapse is high. By the time a traditional intervention occurs, they are already reusing again.

Advances in technology have made inexpensive, accurate, and reliable physiological sensors available to the general public. With predictive algorithms, there is now an opportunity to be proactive and intervene in advance before a relapse occurs. Existing tools to fight opioid addiction have been historically reactive and after the fact. With our diverse team, advisors, and partners, we have the technology and infrastructure to make this a success. Reducing addiction relapses not only saves lives, but also saves significant amounts of money by reducing re-arrests, re-incarcerations, and re-hospitalizations.

Market Opportunities

The number of Americans addicted to drugs and alcohol is roughly equal to the entire population of Texas. The United States also spends over $80 billion each year for incarceration, and more than 50% of those incarcerated for federal offenses are there for drug crimes. Over 90% of heroin users relapse. The US addiction rehab market is $35 billion, but 9 out of 10 people with substance use disorder (amounting to 20 million people in the US ) aren’t even getting treated.

Competitive Advantages


Our team consists of data scientists, designers, programmers, addiction specialists, and technologists based in Pittsburgh, PA, a growing tech hub on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and healthcare. We completed successful clinical studies validating our wearables system. Behaivior is a recipient of the Carnegie Science Award, and milestone award winner of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE. We are a part of Carnegie Mellon University’s startup incubator, Project Olympus, as well as graduates of Innovation Works’ nationally ranked AlphaLab accelerator.