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Recovery is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Look at The Hyer Calling Foundation

Although "Recovery is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)" might seem like an unconventional notion at first, the recovery process can be closely tied to the principles of DEI. DEI is a concept that promotes creating inclusive and supportive environments for individuals from diverse backgrounds, breaking stereotypes, and ensuring equal opportunities.

In an insightful interview, I had the privilege of speaking with Kevin Hyer, the visionary behind The Hyer Calling Foundation, to discuss this topic. The Hyer Calling Foundation, inspired by Kevin’s journey from being a successful attorney to battling addiction and going through recovery, demonstrates that "Recovery is DEI" is not just a concept but a powerful truth that can change lives.

Four years ago, at the age of 39, Kevin Hyer faced a turning point in his life when he made the mistake of trying meth for the first time. He had no prior history of drug use. Within a few months of trying it, he lost his job in a well-respected Philadelphia law firm, spiraled for a year and a half until he overdosed, and ended up on dialysis for ten days. Following his overdose, Kevin received the necessary treatment and turned his life around. Kevin’s story defies stereotypes, highlighting that addiction can affect anyone – even those we least expect.

In light of this experience, Kevin founded The Hyer Calling Foundation. Hyer Calling provides services that insurance often doesn't cover, such as job placement, driver's license reinstatement, and networking preparation for individuals going through recovery. By doing so, the foundation is upholding DEI, supporting recovering individuals, and removing the stigma associated with recovery.

The foundation's focus on offering these services to individuals in recovery is genuinely transformative. For example, Kevin shared the success story of a nurse who lost her job due to her addiction to prescription pain pills. With the help of The Hyer Calling Foundation, she was given a second chance, reclaimed her career, and emerged more robust than before. Stories like these demonstrate the importance of breaking stigma through storytelling in order to break generational cycles of addiction.

In a world where stigma still surrounds addiction, The Hyer Calling Foundation is an excellent example of the positive change that can happen when recovery and DEI intersect. Kevin Hyer and his foundation pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future by sharing stories, offering second chances, and building a supportive community.

For more information about The Hyer Calling Foundation and their work, contact Kevin Hyer at

Contributors: Vishva Iyer, Behaivior


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